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Falling Feather Outdoors

Welcome to Falling Feather Outdoors! Falling Feather Outdoors was established for serious hunters interested in waterfowling some of the best spots that Northeast Arkansas has to offer. Our operation is located in the town of Delaplaine near the waterfowl rich Black and Cache river bottoms.

If you are looking for daily unguided duck hunting pit leases or for a membership into our private duck club then Falling Feather Outdoors is the place for you. We started Falling Feather Outdoors to offer a full range of options for the duck and goose hunter looking to hunt in Arkansas. We are locals to this area and we have hand picked our spots to ensure quality hunting, if the birds are here we will have them!

Falling Feather Outdoors also offers spring conservation order snow goose hunts through our snow goose hunting guide service Bustin-Geese Outfitters. The conservation order offers some excellent wing shooting opportunities after the regular duck season.

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Prime Arkansas Duck Hunting

Falling Feathers Hunting Club is a private club designated for our membership hunters. Falling Feathers offers every type of duck hunting scenario you can imagine in more than 15 locations. We have pits in rice and bean fields, willow patches, tree line hunting and a reservoir. Our farms also have designated rest areas near the fields that we hunt to ensure that we will continually hold birds throughout the season. We have worked hard to lease these hunting spots and we think you will be very satisfied with the ground that we have chosen for Falling Feathers Hunting Club.

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